Beth Miller


Kentucky Physician Goes Extra Mile for Life and Breath


As an Allergist/Immunologist who specializes in treating asthma, allergy and sinus problems, Dr. Beth Miller sees firsthand the burden that breathing problems place on patients, families, and communities.


“Asthma is serious chronic disease that is often incorrectly diagnosed and under treated.  Asthma typically can be easily controlled with the proper diagnosis and medications, however, approximately 5 percent of asthmatics remain uncontrolled despite proper medications,” says Miller, who is an associate professor at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, and director of the UK Healthcare Asthma, Allergy and Sinus Clinic.


Between teaching and running a busy clinical practice, you might think Dr. Miller would have no time for volunteering.  Luckily for the American Lung Association, and the people who benefit from her efforts, she makes the time.


Miller, who served on Kentucky’s board of directors, has been instrumental in securing UK’s sponsorship of the Lexington Asthma Walk. She staffs a booth at the walk, has done media interviews to promote the event, and has called on other potential sponsors to get them involved.  She has also been crucial to the success of Kentucky’s Breath of Life gala by sponsoring the event and helping secure additional sponsors.


As a medical professional and community leader, Beth Miller is committed to fighting for air.  As a volunteer, she represents the best of what happens when good healthcare is paired with good information and public service to make a difference in promoting good lung health.