Andy Bost

When you think of a volunteer for the American Lung Association in Tennessee, you might not think of an 8 year old child.

But that is how old Andy Bost was when he first started volunteering for the association.

Andy was diagnosed with asthma at 15 months and has always made a point to not let the disease control his life. As a child, his goal was to help other boys and girls, so their families would not have to go through the struggles that his family had gone through. 

His first volunteer job was handing out t-shirts and cutting oranges at a lung association run.

Through the years, Andy has done everything he could to help support the lung association mission.  He has also been a shining example of how you can live a normal life if your asthma is in control. When given the opportunity, he has spoken to groups and participated in panel discussions at statewide conferences.

At 14, he was a consultant for a national company that developed an online asthma education program for children. Throughout high school he ran cross country (getting special permission from the TSSAA to carry his inhaler while running), and played basketball and soccer.

Now at 24, he is one of the top individual fundraisers for the Fight For Air Walk campaign in Nashville.  The first year, his goal was $500 and he never thought he could make it. That year he raised $1200. Over the last five years, his team, Asthma Sucks, has raised over $12,000.   As an individual, he has raised over $8,000. Andy is committed to fundraising and each year sends out letters and holds fundraisers to make his goal.

He also volunteers his time helping out in the association office and at the walks.

Andy Bost is an example that even a child can make a difference.  As a young adult he continues his personal quest to help stomp out asthma and other lung diseases.

We can not thank Andy enough for his time and commitment to bettering the lives of Tennesseans.