Theresa Baltz

When you say volunteer in Nashville, the name Theresa Baltz will come to mind.

Theresa has been a volunteer for the American Lung Association in Middle Tennessee for three years. She works primarily with the Walk campaign, but you ask Theresa to do anything and she jumps right in.

Theresa, a Respiratory Therapist, started her volunteer work when her supervisor asked her to head the Walk team for Summit Medical Center two weeks before the event. Being a rather shy person, she wasn’t sure she could do the job, but managed to raise almost $1,000 in 10 days. She had found a true passion.

Now Theresa serves on the Walk planning committee and is team captain to one of the top fundraising teams for the Middle Tennessee Fight For Air Walk. Asking for money and planning events for a cause she believes in just comes natural to her now.

She heads one of the most creative fundraising events that Summit Medical Center holds for any charity….the Dude in a Dress contest. Who wouldn’t want to see a top doctor at your hospital stroll around for a day in a sequined evening gown?  Well, the event happens annually now at Summit and the funds raised to get that Doc in a Dress help fund our programs and research. Theresa campaigns almost year round for the Walk and works tirelessly on other projects, health fairs, and advocacy initiatives as well.

Not only is she involved but she has gotten her children involved as well.  Her ten year old daughter was at the most recent Dude in a Dress event and Theresa said that she hopes to train her daughter to learn the importance of raising money for the American Lung Association. Now that is commitment!

The staff in the Nashville office appreciates everything Theresa does and knows that our success is in part due the hard work and dedication of Theresa Baltz.