Robin Grant

A talented and amazing volunteer, Robin Grant has a long and distinguished record of service to the American Lung Association beginning while she was a college student and the reigning Miss West Tennessee.

As her pageant platform, she chose "Prevention of Underage Smoking" and spent countless hours in schools throughout rural Tennessee counties educating teens on the dangers of smoking.

In 2002, she became a board member of the ALA local council, serving in several capacities, including co-chairing the inaugural Oxygen Ball. She served two terms as council president, was appointed to the state board of ALA of Tennessee and received the ALA’s Development Volunteer of the Year in 2006, in recognition of her leadership and continuous service. 

In addition, Robin and her husband Eddie co-chaired the ALA's Annual Research Dinner the fall of 2009, and most recently headed the event committee for “Celebration- Party Like a Rock Star”.

Robin is currently the ALA of the Midland States Region I Leadership Council President.

Those who know Robin are continually amazed at her impressive  balancing act between home and mother of two preschoolers, community volunteer and her career, the latter involving traveling all over the country.

Robin is the youngest Senior Hospital Specialist within the Southern Region of Novartis Pharmaceuticals. She has served as a speaker and mentor in the Novartis Women in Leadership Program and had responsibilities for the national launch of four new drugs.

She currently works with residents and faculty in the teaching systems
of Vanderbilt School of Medicine, Meharry Medical College and the UT College of Medicine programs at Erlanger in Chattanooga and at Baptist Hospital in Nashville.
Robin’s leadership skills shine in all she does and she is one of the hardest working volunteers in the American Lung Association of the Midland States.