Martin Wilford

Although a relative newcomer to the "Lung family"—he's been volunteering less than a year—brand development and marketing guru Martin Wilford has literally changed the face presented to the world by the American Lung Association of the Midland States.

Martin, who is a founding principal of the Memphis, TN firm Red Deluxe, has been instrumental in the re-branding our the Midland States' regional "Lung Walk" campaign."

Thanks to Martin's hard work, creativity and design expertise, there is an eye-catching crisp clean new look for the Walk campaign, complete with new logo, t-shirt and print materials.

In addition to this work, all done on a volunteer basis, Martin served as team captain for Red Deluxe's team in last year's West Tennessee Asthma Walk and was personally the event's top individual fundraiser.

Although he has no personal experience with lung disease, Martin knows the importance of good health since his father was a pathologist. Apparently, volunteering is a Wilford family tradition since Martin remembers his father speaking at Lung Association events.

Red Deluxe works with many non-profits nationwide, so Martin feels it is important to volunteer with these organizations.

"Our firm, Red Deluxe, has been involved on a national level with ALA for a little over a year. In that time we have developed a new brand guide, strategic platform and tagline, as well as a national initiative to revitalize Christmas Seals. For me, getting involved by volunteering at the local level, was a great way to truly understand the grassroots nature of the organization," says Martin.