Michigan Quartet

Gloria Clay, Michelle Gollman, Beverly Jasper, and Rita Nabor understand the power of teamwork.  For many years these four women have worked together to support the American Lung Association in Detroit, Michigan; which has the highest incidence of asthma in the state.  They facilitate asthma education drawing from their expertise, and for some of them, personal struggles with asthma, to fuel their desire to inform their community.  

Through Asthma 123 they have worked tirelessly to deliver asthma education to schools and other facilities throughout Detroit, reaching hundreds of personnel.  On their visits they educate staff and personnel about the severity and prevalence of childhood asthma, the leading cause of school absenteeism among chronic illnesses, as well as management and appropriate responses to an asthma emergency. 

Clay, Gollman, Jasper and Nabor have also devoted their time to educate their community through the Breath Well Live Well (BWLW) project.  They took time to educate adults on asthma management in a small workshop setting.  Their efforts made a difference; program participants have reported a significant decrease in severity of asthma symptoms and a decrease in the incidence of respiratory problems. 

Program Director Patty Inman is grateful for their hard work and dedication to asthma education.  She credits this group of women with the success of the Breathe Well Live Well project’s execution in Detroit.  As a new project, a grant was needed to implement BWLW and the project wouldn’t have been as successful without the support of Clay, Gollman, Jasper, and Nabor.  Their reliability enabled ALA in Michigan to pursue a second grant opportunity for the project because they knew that they could depend on the assistance of these enthusiastic volunteers.

The gratitude is mutual.  Rita Nabor said, “Patty has ignited a passion in us… it’s contagious.” Rita says that her and her comrades enjoy the work they have done with the American Lung Association.  Through their work at Molina Healthcare they have witnessed the devastating effects that asthma can have on an individual and a family, and how disease management can reduce one’s struggle with asthma.  She is pleased to volunteer her time for the common goal; to educate the community about self management so that asthma can be controlled.