Austin Blaine

Austin Blaine is continuing to help in the fight against lung disese with his latest fundraiser to support the work of the American Lung Associaiton.

When Austin Blaine lost his grandmother to lung cancer, he made a commitment to make her loss mean something for others.

Austin's first effort was at his school, Milan Middle School in Milan MI.  He approached school principal Dr. David Schmittou and asked to host a fundraiser at the school to collect money to help the American Lung Association fight life threatening diseases.

The concept was simple, kids could donate $1 to spend a hour in Open Gym at the school.  Austin's goal was to collect $100 for ALA. But, thanks to overwhelming support from the school's students and staff, $290 was raised to help find a cure for lung cancer and other lung diseases.

Most recently, Austin chose to honor what would have been his Nana's birthday on June 12 with a new venture.  Partnering with the Quality 16 Movie Theater in Ann Arbor, he arranged a special day with 25-50% of all concession stand purchases going to the American Lung Association.  He promoted the event through Facebook and passed out special coupons for the event.

The American Lung Association in Michigan sends a BIG THANK YOU to Austin, Quality 16 movie theater, Dr. Schmittou and everyone at Milan Middle School that helped to make this a success.