Lori Arrowood

Lori Arrowood’s mom, Becky, was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer in 2010.  Lori was still trying to figure out how to cope with her mom’s prognosis when she came across a walk brochure at a gas station.  She created the team “Breathin’ for Becky”, raised pledges, and attended the walk.  Two days after the walk, Becky passed away. 

Lori has continued her “Breathin’ for Becky” walk team in her mom’s memory.  In addition to raising funds and awareness through the Fight for Air Walk, Lori shares her talents and skills as a photographer serving as the official event photographer for the Fight for Air Walk in Louisville and Breath of Life Gala in Lexington.  Lori also serves as a member of the Fight for Air Walk Committee and the O2 Society.

 Lori says her most rewarding volunteer experience is the walk, which is both an emotional and rewarding experience as she remembers and honors her mom.  Knowing her mom is right there with her makes all of the hard work worth it, and being able to capture those moments as a photographer is just the icing on the cake.

Lori plans to grow her volunteer commitment to the American Lung Association and has set a lofty goal for the 2013 Fight for Air Walk – for “Breathin’ for Becky” to be the top family and friends fundraising team. 

Thank you and best of luck to Lori!