Anne Hydock

As a former smoker (quit now 20 years) and one who’d seen relatives die from lung cancer, Anne Hydock knew in 2002 she had to be part of the fight for a smoke-free Cleveland. 

In June, 2005 Hydock was named Smokefree Ohio’s Volunteer of the Month for collecting 1,200 signatures — the most in one month — to get this issue on the ballot.  During the campaign for a smoke-free state law in 2006, Hydock got petitions signed in 30 counties.

“I really wanted to make a difference. Everyone has the right to breathe clean indoor air,” she said, noting that secondhand smoke contains 4,300 harmful chemicals, including 68 known to cause cancer. 

Having found volunteering a great way “to give back,” Hydock did not stop at just one victory. 

In 2009, she served as the Cleveland Asthma Walk events coordinator.  This involved facilitating logistics and the challenge of getting donations for food and beverages, door prizes, and children’s entertainment during an economic downturn.


“It was a great success with over 800 participants,” said Hydock, who credits the team at the American Lung Association’s Independence office, the community and lots of supportive businesses for coming together.  “We are already working on May’s event that is now rebranded as the Lung Walk.”

Anne Hydock lives in North Olmsted, OH.  She has one daughter, age 23, and is a corporate meeting planner with extensive experience in commercial real estate and hospitality.  Because of the recession’s impact on her job, she said, “I am seeking my next challenging opportunity.”