Volunteer Spotlight


  • Deena Adams Deena Adams

    The American Lung Association is proud to recognize Deena Adams as our Kentucky Volunteer of the Year in appreciation of her significant contributions to the fight against lung disease. » More

  • Lori Arrowood Lori Arrowood

    Losing her mother to lung cancer has made Lori an extremely committed volunteer for the American Lung Association. » More

  • Bryan Beatty Bryan Beatty

    Bryan Beatty is an exceptional volunteer whose long-time commitment through various forms of service has helped to enrich the work that the American Lung Association is able to do. » More

  • Austin Blaine Austin Blaine

    Austin Blaine is continuing to help in the fight against lung disese with his latest fundraiser to support the work of the American Lung Associaiton. » More

  • Connie Boase Picture of Connie Boase

    When it comes to fighting asthma, Boase knows the importance of research, education and advocacy. » More

  • Andy Bost Andy Bost

    When you think of a volunteer for the American Lung Association in Tennessee, you might not think of an 8 year old child. But that is how old Andy Bost was when he first started volunteering for the association. » More

  • Erin Bowman Erin Bowman

    Erin Bowman began volunteering with the American Lung Association in January 2006. A recent effort involved the Breath of Life gala in Lexington. » More

  • Kathy Boyer Kathy Boyer

    There are many ways to provide support for clean air and healthy lungs - and Kathy Boyer has found her niche, pedaling more than 2,000 miles over the past 16 years in the Bike Trek to Shakertown. » More

  • James Bridges Dr Bridges

    Funded with an American Lung Association Biomedical Research Grant, Dr. Bridge’s project is: Knowing Protein’s Role in Airway Remodeling May Lead to New Treatments. » More

  • Laverne & Bill Brown Laverne Brown

    Laverne & Bill Brown are an integral part of the workings at the Independence OH office of the ALA. » More

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