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For over a century, the American Lung Association has funded lung research that has led to significant advances in the fight against lung disease. 

Our early research commitment focused on helping find what caused tuberculosis and developing effective ways to treat or cure this infectious disease once called "the white plague" because of its widespread devastating impact.

In more recent history, as new technologies and medical knowledge have emerged, our research efforts have centered on various diseases and factors that directly impact good lung health. Through our ongoing support of basic research, career investigator awards, training grants and fellowships, and social or behavioral studies, we are helping find better ways to diagnose, treat, prevent and even cure diseases such as asthma, COPD and lung cancer. We are also paving the way for science-based answers to cleaner outdoor air, smoke-free public buildings and reduced adult and youth smoking rates.

As part of our commitment to research, the American Lung Association created the Asthma Clinical Research Centers Network (ACRC).  This nationwide system of top-notch asthma researchers and clinicians seeks to conduct large clinical trials with a direct impact on patient care and asthma treatment.

With the ability to fund studies and scientists at so many top-notch research centers throughout our region, the American Lung Association of the Midland States has a unique opportunity to help children and adults throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee breathe easier.


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