State of Tobacco Control

Tobacco Grades Vary Greatly Among the Midland States

The American Lung Association of the Midland States earned mixed grades in the State of Tobacco Control report, released January 13, 2009.

State of Tobacco Control 2008 grades all 50 states plus the District of Columbia on four areas of tobacco policy: smokefree air laws; cigarette tax rates; tobacco prevention and control program funding; and coverage of cessation treatments and services.

Grades are calculated by comparing policies against standards that are based on the most current, recognized scientific criteria for effective tobacco control measures. 

Michigan – Michigan failed almost all of the categories, earning F's in Cessation Coverage, SmokeFree Air, and Tobacco Prevention and Control Spending. The state did, however, receive a B for their Cigarette Tax, which is currently $2 per pack while the national average tax is $1.19 per pack.   More

Kentucky – Kentucky failed all four categories and its failure stems directly from the legislature's failure to pass strong statewide laws proven to prevent the premature death and disease caused by tobacco use. Kentucky spends less than 10 percent of what the CDC recommends as a tobacco control minimum.    More

Ohio – Ohio's comprehensive indoor smoking law did earn an "A" for Smokefree Air but Ohio's tobacco control policies grades varied, with F's for both Cessation Coverage and Tobacco Prevention & Control Spending and a C for the state's cigarette tax rate.  More

Tennessee – Tennessee scored a C, a D and two F's in the State of Tobacco Control report.   Despite the passage in 2007 of the Nonsmokers' Protection Act, the state earned only a C in the category of Smokefree Air because the law exempts bars and restaurants open only to those over 21 – last year the state received a B in this category.   More

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