Every year in the U.S. over 438,000 people die from tobacco-caused disease, making it the leading cause of preventable death. 

Tragically, each day more than 1,300 kids become regular, daily smokers and between one third and one half will eventually die as a result of their addiction.

What is the American Lung Association doing to halt this public Broken Cigarettehealth epidemic? 

The American Lung Association offers a variety of educational programs to help smokers quit. 

We are working at the federal, state and local level to pass laws and implement policies to lessen the burden of tobacco on our families, communities and nation. 

And the American Lung Association provides expert data and reports on tobacco products and issues.

Help With Kicking the Habit

It isn't easy to quit smoking, but the American Lung Association is here to help with a variety of cessation options,  including a special cessation program just for teens.

Tobacco Advocacy & Legislation 

Click Here to learn more about Tobacco Control laws in your state and current state-specific tobacco control advoacy efforts.

State of Tobacco Control

Each year, the American Lung Association grades federal and state tobacco control laws enacted as of the end of that year.  

Learn how each of the Midland States -- Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee -- stack up against standards set by the Centers for Disease Control.  Click Here