Workshops For Parents and Caregivers

Asthma Workshops Available for Parents and Caregivers

Many adults are not aware that there are things they can do to help a child who suffers from asthma. Besides proper medical treatment, controlling asthma triggers is the most important method of controlling asthma symptoms. As a parent or caregiver, you can help control asthma triggers and the CAARE Asthma project has created a workshop to help you learn how.

At the CAARE for Care Providers workshops Preschool Asthma: Triggers and Solutions parents and caregivers will learn about specific triggers in the care environment, how to reduce triggers, how to understand and regulate medications, and how to increase communication with parents and medical personnel. Parents, child-care providers and early childhood professionals are welcome to attend these free workshops. CEU credit and two in-service hours are available and each participant will receive free children's books and asthma resources to take home.

Please click here for a schedule of workshops, or call or email Tina Spaulding at 937-220-1670 or for an updated list.

Asthma Mentoring

Have you attended a CAARE Asthma workshop and would like guidance on reducing asthma triggers, creating an asthma-friendly care environment for your young one, or more information on responding to asthma episodes? You can contact an asthma mentor for help and guidance along the way. Click here to contact an asthma mentor, or call 937-220-1642.