Kentucky Asthma Partnership

Due to the rise in asthma morbidity and mortality nationwide, as well as in Kentucky, representatives from the American Lung Association of Kentucky, the Kentucky Department for Public Health, the University of Kentucky, and the University of Louisville pulled together for two asthma summits in 2003 to discuss the impact of asthma in Kentuckians. It was then that the Kentucky Asthma Partnership (KAP) was formed.

The KAP is made up of an ever-growing number of representatives from public and private agencies and organizations, all of which bring to the table a variety of expertise under the umbrella of asthma. In December of 2007, as a result of recommendations by the KAP the Department for Public Health created the Respiratory Disease Program within the Chronic Disease Branch. With the Respiratory Disease Program established and members of the Kentucky Asthma Partnership guiding our efforts throughout numerous strategic planning meetings the 2009 Kentucky State Plan for Addressing Asthma and the Kentucky Asthma Surveillance Report were born.  

The KAP realizes that the only approach to asthma management is a comprehensive approach, with interventions that occur at a variety of different levels. For this reason, the partnership is divided into four workgroups, with each member joining the workgroup that fits appropriately with their skills and area of expertise. The partnership's four areas of focus are: 1) Data, Surveillance, and Evaluation 2) Education and Public Awareness 3) Policy and Advocacy and 4) Nomination and Recruitment.

For more information about the Kentucky Asthma Partnership or if you would like to join our coalition please contact the Kentucky Respiratory Disease Manager, Pam Spradling at

Kentucky State Asthma Plan