Air Quality

The American Lung Association is fighting to improve the air we breathe, both outdoors and indoors. We are powerful advocates for cleaner air.

State of the Air

Each May, The American Lung Association issues its annual State of the Air report on the air quality across the country. Grades are issues for states, counties and cities based on the number of high ozone days and particle pollution reading.

American Lung Association Air Quality Partnerships

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TN  Clean Air Partnership of Middle Tennessee
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EPA Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools

IAQ Tools for Schools is designed to give schools the information and skills they need to manage air quality in a low-cost, practical manner. Tools For Schools LogoIAQ Tools for Schools is based on proven, scientific methods for preventing, understanding and solving indoor air quality problems.   

IAQ Tools for Schools helps schools prevent potential problems and efficiently manage them should they occur. Supported by American Lung Association expertise, IAQ Tools for Schools can:

Save money by preventing IAQ problems from developing into expensive repairs.

Help prevent bad publicity and tensions between schools, parents and the community.

Decrease the potential for short- and long-term health problems for students and staff.

Reduce student and teacher absenteeism and improve student learning environment.

The IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit includes hands-on materials schools will need to prevent and/or manage existing air quality problems. The kit includes easy-to-use checklists with a flexible, step-by-step guide; indoor air quality problem-solving wheel; facts on indoor air pollution sources, symptoms, and solutions; training videos; and sample documents.

Get a free step-by-step action kit.