Program Information

Program Information

Air Quality

The American Lung Association is fighting to improve the air we breathe, both outdoors and indoors. » More


Asthma is an inflammatory condition of the lungs that makes it difficult to breathe. » More


COPD is a term referring to two lung diseases, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. » More

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the second-most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women. However it is still the most common cause of cancer death. » More


Over 438,000 Americans die annually from tobacco-caused disease. » More


Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that usually attacks the lungs, but can occurr elsewhere in the body. » More


Influenza is not the common cold, but a serious respiratory illness that can cause death. » More

CAARE For Care Providers


Through a partnership between the ALA in Ohio and public television stations in Dayton and Cincinnati, we offer this CAARE for Care Providers project dedicated to managing childhood asthma in day care settings and in homes. » More