Open Airways for Schools

OAS LogoOpen Airways is an asthma education program for children aged 8-11.  Although usually delivered in a school setting, it is sometimes offered in a community-based setting. 

The program’s goals are to improve asthma self-management skills; decrease asthma emergencies; raise asthma awareness among parents/guardians; and promote broader asthma management coordination among physicians, parents and schools.

What is Open Airways For Schools?

OAS consists of six 40-minute group lessons for children with asthma. OAS uses group discussion, stories, games and role play to help students take part in the program.

Topics covered include:

  • basic information about asthma 
  • recognizing and managing asthma symptoms 
  • using medication 
  • avoiding asthma triggers 
  •  getting enough exercise 
  •  doing well at school

How Does the Open Airways For Schools Program Work?

The class is taught by a certified instructor. If done as part of the school day, students are removed from their regular classrooms to participate in the class. The program works by teaching children that it is okay to have asthma and that they can take control of their asthma.

Instructors are trained in the program by a certified trainer. They can be school personnel, parents, community volunteers, or anyone with an interest in working with children.

The OAS classroom kits contain easy-to-use teaching materials including posters and handouts. Each lesson includes materials for the children to take home to their parents. Curriculum materials are available in English and Spanish.

OAS is provided to the community, school or school district by local Lung Associations or partner organizations.

To learn more about scheduling an Open Airways program, contact your local American Lung Association office at 800-LUNG-USA. 

To learn about becoming an Open Airways facilitator, click here.

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