Asthma Education

Asthma education and awareness is a priority issue for the American Lung Association.  Anyone, at any age, can get asthma.

More than 15 million people in the U.S. have asthma, causing countless missed school and work days, and numerous emergency hospital visits.

While there is no cure, people with asthma can live normal, active lives with the appropriate treatment and care.

Health care professionals, people with asthma and their caregivers can learn methods to control asthma as well as the proper way to respond to asthma emergencies. 

Asthma 1-2-3

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Asthma 1-2-3 teaches basic asthma knowledge to improve the lives of children who are living with asthma. » More

Open Airways for Schools

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Open Airways is an asthma education program for children aged 8-11. » More

CAARE For Care Providers


Through a partnership between the ALA in Ohio and public television stations in Dayton and Cincinnati, we offer this CAARE for Care Providers project dedicated to managing childhood asthma in day care settings and in homes. » More