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The American Lung Association’s Not-on-Tobacco (N-O-T) program is a state-of-the-art voluntary program specifically designed for teenagers who want to quit smoking.

N-O-T provides a comprehensive curriculum that is interactive and user-friendly, with sensitivity to gender differences. More specifically, it is a 10-session curriculum, with an optional four booster sessions, that is facilitated in schools and other community settings by teachers, school nurses, counselors and other staff and volunteers specially trained by the American Lung Association.

Typically, groups are divided by gender and are led by a same-gender facilitator. This allows teens to discuss issues that relate specifically to males or females and to express their own feelings and experiences in an accepting environment.

Students learn quitting techniques and keep journals about their smoking behavior.

The program
incorporates life management skills to help teens deal with stress, decision-making and peer and family relationships. It also addresses healthy lifestyle behaviors such as alcohol or illicit drug use as well as related health issues such as exercise and nutrition.

By utilizing N-O-T, schools can provide an educational, total-health program to help students quit smoking.

The N-O-T program covers issues including:

  • Myths and realities about smoking
  • Understanding addiction 
  • Health and social impacts on mind and body 
  • Sharing the quitting experience 
  • Avoiding risky situations and relapse 
  • Healthy ways to manage stress 
  • Confronting pressure from friends and family 
  • Understanding tobacco advertising 
  • Staying committed to quitting

Facilitators must be non-users of tobacco, relate well to young people, successfully complete the training course and sign an agreement of professional standards before teaching program.