Stacy Berkowitz

My name is Stacy Berkowitz and I am the proud mom of Jared 31/2 years old and Elliana 7 months old.  My son Jared was diagnosed with Asthma when he was 1 year old and during the first year of his life we had to give him breathing treatments every time he got a cold, which as you can imagine was a lot.  My baby Elli was diagnosed with Asthma at 6 months old and we are experiencing the same problems, she and Jared both have had pneumonia as well, before they were a year old.  As their mom it has been very hard to have to give them breathing treatments while they are crying and not wanting to do them, they are not yet old enough to even understand why they have to get the medicine to help them breathe!  I love my kids more than anything in this world and do not want to see another baby go through what my babies have gone through, so I will walk for my babies and the other children who are affected by this disease until they can find a cure!