Rob Clark

I walk because I was diagnosed with asthma as an adult.  Before then, I never realized what an impact it can have on your life as far as physical activities, illnesses and day to day activities.  Sometimes I will just cry because I feel like I have to do so many things to stay well and keep my asthma in check.  What with breathing treatments, an inhaler, oral steroids and injections, allergy shots and sometimes antibiotics.  The frustrating part is that periodically all of those treatments fail.  It is a very frustrating and debilitating condition.

When you have asthma, your life is not normal anymore.  I also walk for the many friends, family members and children that I know who have asthma.  When you have asthma it is so important to feel understood and supported. I want people to know that life with asthma is hard and that we need to join together to help those who suffer from asthma and clean up our air!