Penny Borchers

My son, Jacob, turned 5 in May.  His battle with asthma began when he was just 7 months old and continuously sick.  After trips to the ER and our pediatrician's office, a nebulizer, and many medications, he began a controller medicine which helped him tremendously.  Shortly before his 1st birthday, we heard that he had asthma.  Jacob gets very sick, sometimes to the point of going to the ER and even staying overnight at the hospital.  Asthma has taken a toll on his immune system. 

On the other hand, you would never know from meeting Jacob that he could get so very sick.  He is full of energy and he rarely walks.  Jacob enjoys skipping, jumping, and running.  He finished his 2nd year of t-ball and is currently beginning his 2nd year of soccer.  Asthma does not wear him down.  He stops to use his inhaler and then continues on with his activity.  Jacob also began kindergarten this year.  I am so proud of him!

Nearly 1 year ago, I was diagnosed with asthma.  My asthma is allergy induced, unlike Jacob, who has no real trigger besides illnesses.

I began walking because the only way to help Jacob was to administer his medicine daily.  Contributing money toward research was another way that I could help.  Now that I have asthma, I feel even more strongly about helping Jacob and children like him.  I understand how they feel when something so simple as taking a breath is such a struggle.

We pray for better medications and a better understanding of asthma.  We pray for the doctors and researchers working with asthma and asthmatic patients.  And- we thank God that we have had knowledgeable doctors who are able to find a way to help us.