I never thought that my son would be diagnosed with Asthma. Nathan's first attack was shortly after he had turned a year old. It seemed to be allergies so we treated him as so. Sniffles and a light cough didn't seem too serious. A few days had gone by and the wheezing and coughing had progressively gotten worse. It was time to call the doctor. As soon as I reached the doctor I began telling her the situation. The doctor could hear Nathan in his attempt to breathe on the phone and advised us to get to a hospital as soon as possible. We were scared out of our minds. Our son only has a cough right? He's going to be fine? After several breathing treatments and an overnight stay we learned that our little boy was suffering from Asthma. Asthma as become a huge part of our life now. It takes a lot of work keeping him in a comfortable environment where he can live and breathe. Almost 2 years after his diagnosis, Nathan has his Asthma under control. There are times when Nathan needs a little boost from a nebulizer but Nathan now understands that it's something he has to do in order to make himself feel better. Daily medication is also needed to help prevent his allergies from seting off an attack. Asthma has become life changing. Simple tasks such as cleaning and dusting have to be done carefully to avoid irritating his lungs. Nathan is an active, healthy and charismatic little boy. I don't think that anything, even asthma will get in his way. Asthma will never slow Nathan down, but at times we have to!