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  • Nicole Erb

    I am a 30 year old women who has been affected by this disease since birth. Living with this illness has been very difficult and expensive. I am thankful everyday for the medications that are available and look forward to participating and raising money for this very special cause! » More

  • Veronica Fisher

    I walk because my son Corey was diagnosed with asthma when he was 6 months old. We fought this horrible disease for 9 years, until he lost the battle on July 2, 2008. I know that he wouldn’t want us to quit fighting now, so our focus is to help others not have to endure the suffering he went through. » More

  • Andrea M. Fitzgerald fitzgerald

    My 2-year old daughter began having breathing trouble at 8 months old. It “flares up” from time to time. » More

  • Lynn Gardner, R.N. Melanie

    The reason I walk is my daughter Melanie. She was an active happy junior in high school when her planned future took a detour. Someone accidently sprayed her in the face with a fire extinguisher during a marching band performance, in which it was being used as a special affect. » More

  • Dawne Gee Dawn Gee

    On January 18, 1996 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was perfect. He had all of his toes, all of his fingers, he could see, his legs were formed and he was happy. I took him home not able to see that my sons lungs would fail him. That, I could not see. Within weeks, we were in and out of the hospital. Week after week. Emergency room visit after emergency room visit. » More

  • Dianne Griesser Dianne Griesser's Dad

    I am climbing in memory of my dad who died of COPD in 2001 after a long and painful struggle. I began racing in 2006, at age 39, so he never had the chance to watch me race or see what a wonderful impact running has had on my life. » More

  • Justin Guinup

    I climb in the memory of my grandmother Harriet Mackenzie. Grandma Harriet died of emphysema in March 2005. » More

  • Lori Hagerty, R.N., B.S.N

    I know my story is similar to many others who have had the misfortune of dealing with a diagnosis of lung cancer. The symptoms appear quickly, seemingly out of nowhere and all too often a sign that the cancer has spread well beyond the lungs- too late for a cure. » More

  • Amanda Hanneman Amanda Hanneman

    I have many reasons as to why I walk. The first reason I walk is because I had asthma since I was born on sept. 14, 1990 and have had it since, so for about 17 yrs. » More

  • Larry Hanneman Larry Hanneman

    You ask a very good question. Why do I complete the Blow the Whistle on Asthma Walk each year? A simple answer is "Because I still can". » More

  • Mary Hendershot

    This event appealed to me for a number of reasons. In the spring of 2007 I was diagnosed with Exercise Induced Asthma. Prior to that, dating back to Middle School, anything beyond speed walking and light cardio would leave me winded and with a burning sensation in my chest. » More

  • Janet Johnston

    Between 1996 and 1997, my left lung collapsed 3 times. On New Years Eve 1997, I had lung surgery at Vanderbilt to prevent further collapses and was diagnosed with severe allergies and asthma. » More

  • Inez Karageorge Inez Mom

    I do it for my parents... » More

  • Kevin and Shannon Kenily Koltin

    We walk because our 4 year old son Koltin was diagnosed with Asthma when he was 16 months old. It all started shortly after his first birthday when one evening Koltin developed a cough that just wouldn't quit and not knowing exactly what we could or could not give him for it we ended up in the Emergency Room. » More

  • Tiffany Krech

    I am a mother of two boys. Both of which have severe asthma and allergies. Our lives are effected everyday. Both boys are on more than two medications a day to help them play. Nothing is worse than telling your child they can't play like other children because of their lungs. » More

  • Danielle Kresak

    I am doing the climb for my grandparents. When I was little, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. It is because of them that I love sweets, shoes and garages sales. » More

  • Laura Ledford Christopher-90X90

    When Christopher was born, he was the cutest sweetest little thing ever. He came into this world a fighter as he was born with his identical twin brother, Cameron at 36 weeks. Cameron sadly passed away at birth due to TTTS, a blood transfusion disorder. Christopher was sent straight to Kosair Children's Hospital due to complications breathing and low blood platelet counts. He fought though at the very first few minutes that life breathed its way into his 5 lb little being. » More

  • Ninamary Maginnis

    This will be my fourth year riding for the American Lung Association! The first was in 2003. My oldest son, Karol John ("KJ"), saw the poster at a local restaurant. He spoke of an interest. Me? I hate fundraising -- it is not a strong suit. » More

  • MaryAnn Manning, R.N.

    As a sister, I walk for my sister, Karen who is bravely battling lung cancer. As a nurse, I walk for the many hundreds of patients that I’ve cared for who suffer from lung diseases. » More

  • Rob Maxwell

    I walk in the memory of my grandmother, Margaret Maxwell, who passed away from emphysema in 1986 and because I was diagnosed with asthma as an adult. Even though I watched my grandmother’s condition deteriorate over several years, I never truly realized the impact that lung disease had on her life—until something happened to me one day when I was a senior in college. » More

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