Donna Beach

Donna Beach has a special reason for her excitement about participating in the American Lung Association's Bike Trek to Shakertown planned for September 13-15. Since birth, Donna has suffered from asthma, and the severity of her ailment has been a brutally limiting factor, which has defined the better part of her life. As a child, this meant frequent visits to the emergency room and no normal childhood activities like camp or sports. It has also meant a lifetime of medication.

Donna has tried on and off to do physical activities over the years, but has always encountered setbacks. Her life began to turn around 11 years ago, when her Louisville pulmonologists put her on steroids, but significant weight gain was an unpleasant side effect. Within the last two years, she has changed medications, started walking and doing yoga and, in January, began training to walk in the Louisville Triple Crown of Running and the Mini Marathon. Now she is training for the Bike Trek, riding a few miles every day and 20-30 miles with her husband on weekends.

"I'm excited about riding in the Bike Trek because I want to give back," said Donna. "Medical advancements have made a tremendous difference in my life, and I know the American Lung Association supports medical research and has programs to benefit people with asthma," she said. Donna also expressed a wish that her ability to overcome the limitations once placed on her life by asthma would give hope to other asthma sufferers.