Craig and Linda Bennett

We walk because our 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with asthma at her one year check-up. Although Caity can handle her asthma well now, it has been a long hard road. Caity is a beautiful, happy and fun-loving girl. She is the light in her daddy's eye, and we could never be more proud of her. Caity is a very active young lady she enjoys softball, being a drummer in her school band, riding bikes and hanging with her friends. We have taken her to many different docs, and they could never seem to keep her well, lets try this and this, we felt like Caity was a guinea pig we were playing an I don't know game and it was very frustrating. In March of 2005, we took Caity to see Dr. Elizabeth Allen at Nationwide Childrens Hospital in Columbus. She took one look at her and admitted her to the hospital. Dr. Allen ran many tests, and we are very happy to say that she has gotten Caity not only well, but pretty much under control with her Asthma. We were at a point where we thought Caity's condition was as good as it was going to get. She missed countless days of school and school functions, sleepovers and basically life in general. Dr. Allen saved our Caity and us from this disease. We walk so some Dr. somewhere else can do the same for another family--GIVE THEM THEIR LIVES BACK!!

Craig and Linda BENNETT
Co-captains--CAITY'S CREW

Live as if today is your last for tomorrow may never come.