Amanda Hanneman

I have many reasons as to why I walk. The first reason I walk is because I had asthma since I was born on sept. 14, 1990 and have had it since, so for about 17 yrs. I wasn't truly diagnosed with it until I was 11 so about 5th grade. I struggle with everything I do everyday. I have frequent asthma attacks but they are pretty mild, but some tend to be more serious. I cannot run, laugh with my friends, or do other normal everyday life events without having a risk of an asthma attack. I have Chronic Exercise Induced, but I also will have attacks when I'm not even exercising. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a Firefighter and a Paramedic. Only to find out that Firefighting was out due to the fact that most Fire Departments don't hire Asthmatics. I thought my asthma was just taking over my life, since I could not follow my dreams. It wasn't until about a few months ago that I found out a firefighter at my hometown station ( Norwalk ) had asthma as well. He inspired me that no matter what anyone tells you or what health problems you have you shouldn't let asthma stop you from following your dreams. He told me it is hard for him to be a firefighter due to his asthma but it doesn't stop him from doing what he loves. I would have never followed my dreams of being a firefighter and a paramedic if it wasn't for him. So I also walk for him, since he inspired me to follow my dreams and gave me confidence that I can do anything that i set my mind to.