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  • Debbie Knowlton

    I am 54 years old. In 1998 I was diagnosed with COPD, a former smoker I battled with relapses through the years. An active wife, mom and nurse suddenly things shifted from being a caregiver to being a patient. My personal world became a never ending cycle of tests and medication. "How many shifts could I work?" quickly became "How many steps can you walk?" » More

  • Yvonne Barricelli
    1st time Climber of Cleveland’s Terminal Tower

    On August 3, 2014, I lost my grandpa to lung cancer. He had been battling brain cancer for 6 months and had won, his tumor was gone! On Friday August 1, we were told he had lung cancer and that it wasn't treatable. » More

  • Helen V. Morton Simpson

    My brother Greg was the family rock. He was always uplifting to anyone who crossed his path. He was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2003. The disease destroyed his lungs. » More

  • Catherine A. Buser

    I've participated in a few ALA races over the years (Run the Rocks and Republic Stair Climb) for my mother. I've wondered each year when I'd write about her on the banner you'd provide if it will be my last event while she is alive... » More

  • Angela Buccilli Angela Buccilli
    Captain of the Anderson Fight Team

    My Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer on August 1, 2013. For a little over three months she fought a very hard battle. Unfortunately, I lost my Mom on November 9th to one of the most deadly cancers out there. » More

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  • Nathan Nathan

    I never thought that my son would be diagnosed with Asthma. Nathan's first attack was shortly after he had turned a year old. » More

  • Susan, Matt, Rachel and Brody

    I walk primarily for my son Brody who was diagnosed with asthma at 12 months of age. It began with the croupy, barky cough that wouldn’t quit and many sleepless hours of breathing treatments. » More

  • Connie

    Hello I am chosing to walk this year because I suffer from Asthma. I first developed asthma at the age of 17. Since then it has been hard to participate in Physical Activities even walking without having symptons. So this year I walk for me and all the others that suffer from asthma. I walk so that someday I can overcome this barrier I have. » More

  • Linda

    Because Asthma is affecting my son, sister, cousin, niece and many others in the world who struggle to breathe. » More

  • Rosie Albright

    Team shooter is a team of the family and friends of John Albright aka shooter who died of an Asthma attack on April 13, 2005. We walk in his memory and to help others have a better quality and length of life while living with this disease. » More

  • Madelyn Anetrella Madelyn

    In October 1999, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was sixteen years old and a Junior in high school. I knew what cancer was, but we never discussed the details, and I never fully understood the severity of her prognosis. I just stepped in as her helper, taking my younger brother to school, sports practices, and church, preparing meals, paying bills, driving my mom to doctor’s appointments and chemotherapy sessions, and trying to maintain my normal school and social life. » More

  • Lori Arrowood Becky Arrowood

    My family and I lost the most important part of our family on May 24, 2010. This is the day that my mom, Rebecca “Becky” Arrowood, lost her battle with Small Cell Lung Cancer, and since that day, our family has never been the same. » More

  • Andy Ault Andy Ault

    I do the climb to honor my late Grandfather who passed away on Sept. 11, 2007 of Lung Cancer. I saw what it did to his mind and body. » More

  • Donna Beach Donna Beach

    Donna Beach has a special reason for her excitement about participating in the American Lung Association’s Bike Trek to Shakertown planned for September 13-15. Since birth, Donna has suffered from asthma, and the severity of her ailment has been a brutally limiting factor, which has defined the better part of her life. » More

  • Craig and Linda Bennett

    We walk because our 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with asthma at her one year check-up. Although Caity can handle her asthma well now, it has been a long hard road. » More

  • Stacy Berkowitz

    My name is Stacy Berkowitz and I am the proud mom of Jared 31/2 years old and Elliana 7 months old. My son Jared was diagnosed with Asthma when he was 1 year old. » More

  • Frank Bloomquist
    Regional Vice President of Sales, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

    At Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, our mission is to improve the lives of the people we serve and the health of our communities. That is why we team up with organizations like the American Lung Association, who have a common mission. » More

  • Lauri Bodenbender-Netherton

    I ride this year in memory of my mother-in-law "Toni" who died from lung cancer almost 15 years ago. She passed way too early in life and I know she really would have liked to have spent more time getting to know her grandchildren. » More

  • Penny Borchers Jacob

    My son, Jacob, turned 5 in May. His battle with asthma began when he was just 7 months old and continuously sick. After trips to the ER and our pediatrician's office, a nebulizer, and many medications, he began a controller medicine which helped him tremendously. » More

  • Andy Bost Andy Bost

    Why do I Walk? Asthma Sucks...yes that is my team, and yes it does. It can suck the life right out of you. I have had asthma my entire life and that is all I know. It restricted me from doing many things that I wanted to do as a child. » More

  • Katherine Campbell

    My asthma story is about my mother Mary Campbell. She is an amazing mother and she is one of my best friends. She has worked as a nurse for 23 years and suffers from asthma. » More

  • Tracie Chovan

    My son, Cory, and I climb and run because our friend Eddie couldn't. I met Eddie almost five years ago. I am a volunteer with a well known organization that helps make wishes come true for children with life threatening illnesses. I received a phone call from a nurse at The Toledo Children's Hospital one day in January 2005. She told me there was a young boy in the hospital that was not doing well, he had cystic fibrosis. » More

  • Rory Clark

    I climb for the challenge, for the cause, for myself. » More

  • Rob Clark Rob Clark

    I walk because I was diagnosed with asthma as an adult. Before then, I never realized what an impact it can have on your life as far as physical activities, illnesses and day to day activities. » More

  • Cindy Dunn

    I was diagnosed at the age of 42 - adult onset - never smoked, and no smokers ever in the house! and I am affected by this horrible thing called ASTHMA. » More

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