Dawne Gee

Because I Breathe

On January 18, 1996 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  He was perfect.  He had all of his toes, all of his fingers, he could see, his legs were formed and he was happy.  I took him home not able to see that my sons lungs would fail him.  That, I could not see.  Within weeks, we were in and out of the hospital.  Week after week.  Emergency room visit after emergency room visit.  I was finally told they thought my son had Cystic Fibrosis.  My Mom and I hunkered down for a long 24 hour stay at the hospital for a sweat test.  My stomach did more flip flops than an Olympic gymnast going for a perfect 10.  The test was read.  The results were in.  He did not have CF.  So why couldn’t my son breathe?  He was finally diagnosed as a severe chronic asthmatic.  Almost 20 hospital stays, a collapsed lung and more prayers than a nunnery, today he can walk with me without having to stop or be transported to the ER.  I could breath  but my son could not.  A simple inhale was as hard for him some days as it would be for me to lift a car.  I could breath but my son could not.  I would watch him sleep, play, sit, eat all because I knew I could breathe but my son could not.  I embraced every bit of friendship, education and advocacy the American Lung Association was willing to give to my son and I.  I walk because I can breathe and so many cannot.  For each step I take and each dollar raised, maybe someone else will be able to breathe easy.  That is my prayer.