Angela Buccilli

Captain of the Anderson Fight Team

My Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer on August 1, 2013. For a little over three months she fought a very hard battle. Unfortunately, I lost my Mom on November 9th to one of the most deadly cancers out there.

Let me introduce you to my Mom so you get why I am doing what I'm doing with the Fight for Air Climb. My Mom had just turned 50 on September 18th while she was fighting her battle. She was so young and so full of life. This cancer came out of nowhere and hit her hard. We were at my cousin's wedding on July 20th dancing, singing, laughing and having a great time. Then on August 1st we find out she has stage 4 lung cancer. It's absolutely crazy.

My Mom was the life of me, my two brothers, and my Dad...and so many family and friends as well. But for the four of us, she completed the Buccilli family unit. She was actually the leader, the influencer, the biggest believer in the Buccilli team. She, along with my Dad, taught us kids EVERYTHING in this life and have helped us become who we are today. She set us up to succeed in life and do it with a big smile and laughter all of the time.

She was honestly my best friend. I told her she was going to be the matron of honor in my wedding if I ever get married one day. She just laughed, but it's true. When I think about the people in my life, she was my everything. My rock. 

I miss my Mom more than anything in this world. I know I am not alone in that, so I will continue to keep my Mom's spirit alive and live this life for her!! She's by my side continuing to be my Mom and help me, and that's where I get my strength. So I look forward to climbing these stairs and fighting on behalf and in memory of her. I love you big, Mom! Go Team Anderson!