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  • Yvonne Barricelli
    1st time Climber of Cleveland’s Terminal Tower

    On August 3, 2014, I lost my grandpa to lung cancer. He had been battling brain cancer for 6 months and had won, his tumor was gone! On Friday August 1, we were told he had lung cancer and that it wasn't treatable. » More

  • Catherine A. Buser

    I've participated in a few ALA races over the years (Run the Rocks and Republic Stair Climb) for my mother. I've wondered each year when I'd write about her on the banner you'd provide if it will be my last event while she is alive... » More

  • Helen V. Morton Simpson

    My brother Greg was the family rock. He was always uplifting to anyone who crossed his path. He was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2003. The disease destroyed his lungs. » More

  • Debbie Knowlton

    I am 54 years old. In 1998 I was diagnosed with COPD, a former smoker I battled with relapses through the years. An active wife, mom and nurse suddenly things shifted from being a caregiver to being a patient. My personal world became a never ending cycle of tests and medication. "How many shifts could I work?" quickly became "How many steps can you walk?" » More

  • Angela Buccilli Angela Buccilli
    Captain of the Anderson Fight Team

    My Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer on August 1, 2013. For a little over three months she fought a very hard battle. Unfortunately, I lost my Mom on November 9th to one of the most deadly cancers out there. » More