Mission First Club

Each year after fundraising events like the stair climb and walk, your local ALA spends thousands of dollars on "benefits to donors" or prize incentives. These incentives are the gift certificates and other prizes that climbers and walkers earn while raising money in support of the ALA's local service programs and important medical research. Many thanks to these generous climbers and walkers who donated their prize incentive back to the ALA. They are the members of the ALA Mission First Club and have truly put the mission first!

Why should I donate my prize back to the American Lung Association?

The American Lung Association wants to reward you for your fundraising efforts. However, if you would like to contribute more to the organization-at no real cost to you-this is a quick, easy way! By donating your prize back to the American Lung Association, you help reduce stair climb and walk event expenses and provide more funding to local service programs and medical research. For example, if you gift your prize back to the ALA, we can provide:

Your fundraising efforts will help fund vital lung disease research, education and advocacy.


  • Freedom From Smoking program
  • American Lung Association Lung Helpline
  • Asthma 1-2-3 for schools or day care centers

What do I get as a member of the Mission First Club?

As a member of the Mission First Club, you will be recognized on our website for graciously donating your prize back to the American Lung Association. You will also receive special recognition before, during and after next year's climb and walk. We could send you a T-shirt or some other prize, but that would defeat the purpose of recognizing the importance you place on putting the mission first, right?


Mission First Club Members

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