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Ohio Cares About Clean Air

The American Lung Association in Ohio, leading public health organizations and medical societies have joined together to make sure Ohio’s Congressional delegation supports the Clean Air Act.  For the past 40 years the Clean Air Act has protected families across the country from breathing high levels of toxic, life-threatening air pollution. 

The Clean Air Act is facing powerful opposition.  The fight in Congress is intensifying, and everyone who cares about clean air needs to step up to fight for clean air.  The American Lung Association is leading a campaign to ensure that the health community and Ohioans who care about clean air loudly, persistently, and powerfully demands Congress not dismantle the Clean Air Act.

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The Investing in Tobacco Free Youth Campaign

The American Lung Association in Ohio is a founding member of the Investing in Tobacco-Free Youth Coalition. The Coalition is focused on reducing the toll tobacco takes on Ohioans, especially Ohio’s youth.

We are asking the legislature to equalize the tax on the cheap, candy flavored tobacco products like cigars, hookah, roll-your-own, pipe and spit tobacco with the cigarette tax to make them less appealing to kids. They can use the moneys generated to fund tobacco prevention and cessation programs, taking away Ohio’s dubious distinction of having some of the lowest funded programs in the country.

By making this simple change, Ohio’s lawmakers could greatly reduce both youth and adult smokers of these products and save lives.

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