Shannon Oates-Rivera

Shannon Oates-Rivera is a senior manager at a large pharmaceutical company. Over the course of many years, she has dedicated herself to maintaining a strong and beneficial relationship between her company and the American Lung Association. She encourages her colleagues to support fundraising events and communicates the importance of supporting lung health to all of her fellow employees. Ms. Oates-Rivera is always willing to meet with members of the American Lung Association to encourage cooperation between the organization and her company, and strongly advocates for donations.

Ms. Oates-Rivera has internalized the mission of improving lung health and actively takes lung health programs to the Delaware community. She continually finds creative ways to publicize these programs and is very involved with the Breathe Well, Live Well program. The staff of the American Lung Association knows that they can always count on Ms. Oates-Rivera to help at events or do whatever else needs to be done to best support their needs.

Ms. Oates-Rivera has been a tremendous asset to the American Lung Association for many years. She is passionate about improving lung health and devotes her time and energy to encouraging others to do the same. She has helped raise an enormous amount of money over the years and has convinced many colleagues to support the work of the American Lung Association. The American Lung Association would not function without volunteers like Ms. Oates-Rivera, and is proud to name Ms. Oates-Rivera the Volunteer of the Week.