Sarah and Victoria (Tori)

Sarah and Tori support the American Lung Association’s goals by raising awareness at their schools about ALA, asthma and lung disease. Both girls have asthma and know first-hand the effects of lung disease. They know the importance of improving the air they breathe. Not only do they raise awareness, but they have also the raised more funds than any other team in the Fight For Air Walk in 2010!

As two of the association’s youngest team captains, Sarah and Tori have created a Walk team for the past two years. Their team, Spacer Walkers, was named after the American Lung Association’s Asthma Camp program. Although these girls know the challenges of growing up with asthma, they do not let it stop them from giving up or giving back. In 2009, Sarah was the team captain and encouraged other asthma campers to join her team. She won a special fundraising award and was the highest individual fundraiser at only 10 years of age raising $1,117. In 2010, Sarah and Tori were co-captains and were unstoppable. They held restaurant fundraiser nights, yard sales, coordinated a bracelet campaign at their schools, and sold raffle tickets which led them to being the top fundraising team for 2010 at $3,100, exceeding the amount raised by most corporate teams.

Their initiatives have helped the association’s mission by their overall dedication and enthusiasm to bringing awareness to asthma, lung disease and clean air. Sarah and Tori set such great examples for other volunteers, especially other students at their school. Attending the association’s asthma camp was pivotal in starting the Spacer Walkers team. It helped give them the confidence to believe that kids can make a difference.

According to Kelli Burris, Regional Vice President with the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic, “I see a wonderful future for Sarah and Tori who are only 10 and 11 years old. They have attended our Asthma programs, and as a result have given back through our fundraising events. Sarah has also recently joined KBG (Kick Butts Generation) at her school.”

After being her Girl Scout Troop’s top cookie seller in 2009, Sarah left Girl Scouts and joined 4-H. Tori is involved with the Girl Scouts and numerous Muscular Dystrophy Association fundraisers, as her 13-year old sister has MD.