Marybeth Toscani

Fundraising Volunteer

Extreme fundraising brought Marybeth Toscani to the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic. When Marybeth heard about an event called Fighting For Air At All Extremes, she immediately called the association to become a participant. She also volunteered her services to raise money for this skydiving event benefitting the American Lung Association in Delaware. Participants raised a minimum of $300 for a tandem jump, lunch and t-shirt. Thanks to volunteers like Marybeth, registration filled quickly and maxed out at 65 jumpers.

Marybeth was especially enthusiastic about raising money through this event because her uncle died of lung cancer, and she was intrigued by such an unusual fund raiser. She became a team captain, promoting the event through social marketing and other activities. She had special team shirts made which included the name of the person being remembered or honored by each jumper. Her team raised $4,400, more than any other team.

She also helped other volunteers raise money for their teams, encouraging everyone to raise or exceed the $300 minimum requirement. She quickly understood the value of working with a team when planning such a daring feat. Marybeth, like most of the participants, had never done anything as adventurous as skydiving.

Following the completion of Fighting For Air At All Extremes, Marybeth created an awareness video that honored the lung patients she and other team members jumped for to help raise awareness for lung disease. This video, "Learning to Fly and We Ain’t Got Wings” will help the association promote next year’s event and inspire others to take on this challenge. Marybeth is pleased to have helped the association reach out to completely new donors and volunteers and is looking forward to making the event even more successful next year.

Kelli Burris, Regional Vice President, with the American Lung Association in Delaware, stated in her nomination of Marybeth, “Not only have Marybeth’s initiatives helped us achieve our mission, we have reached people we were not in contact with prior to meeting her; we have raised additional monies and awareness; and we have met one outstanding volunteer, fundraiser, and wonderful person. She is truly an inspiration.”