Lori Palermo

Lori Palermo's volunteer work with the American Lung Association has shown her commitment to reducing the suffering of lung disease and the importance of helping to educate the community and provide programs and resources for information. In December of 2003, Lori lost her father, Wayne Litzenberger, to emphysema.  His struggle with this disease continually inspires her to educate and advocate lung health issues in memory of his legacy.

Lori is a trained Freedom From Smoking Facilitator and attends health fairs with ALA materials and fundraising information. She served as Family Team Chair of the American Lung Association of Pennsylvania Breath of Life Walk in 2004, and has participated in the walk every year since. She attended the Harrisburg Rally "Youth Quest 2006" Stomping Out Big Tobacco and other events to promote the Clean Air Act. Lori consistently corresponds with her local legislators on tobacco issues, speaks to the community, and writes to the newspaper and other print media with articles about topics pertaining to smoking and lung health issues.

Lori has consistently planned and held local health fairs in stores and malls in efforts to reach out to the public, often asking if she could provide educational tables during COPD Awareness Month.  Her passion for the American Lung Association and it's mission has inspired her own website for lung health issues: loveyourlungsbreatheforlife.com. Her website contains information about Lung Association programs and materials and has gained global response. Lori has also designed and created magnetic signs which she sells to support the cause and has distributed yellow ribbons for COPD awareness and other clever craft items to highlight lung health awareness.