Albert A. Rizzo, M.D.

Albert Rizzo, M.D., a pulmonologist, has served as a volunteer for the American Lung Association of Delaware for over 20 years, including two terms as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has been a leader in the organization by example. His actions in the strategic planning, programming, advocacy and fundraising have been an inspiration to many.

Dr. Rizzo helped lead the Association through a challenging process of strategic planning. He was instrumental in making sure, once the plan was developed, the Association carried out the steps necessary to succeed. He is aware of the needs patients experience and as a result has been involved in the formation of a Better Breathing Educational series held in cooperation with the largest medical facility in the state. He was responsible for starting the Delaware Asthma Consortium, which now includes over 60 members from the community, pharmaceutical companies and businesses, to address management and care of individuals with asthma.

For the past 15 years he has served as Chairman of "Perspectives in Pulmonary Care" a symposium to update health care professionals on respiratory topics. He is involved in an assortment of tobacco control programs at the local level as well as in the medical community. As Delaware began efforts to pass a Clean Indoor Air Act and increase the tobacco excise tax, he was there to support these efforts. He has taken a variety of actions, such as holding a coffee hour at his house for his legislator and neighbors, signing a letter to ask his colleagues to participate in the Clean Indoor Air Act campaign, testifying, etc. to encourage policy makers to take action in making Delaware a better place to live and breathe.

A popular fundraiser, "Guest Bartender Night," has been one of the results of his efforts. He has recruited physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, business leaders and others to show off their bartending skills, all for a good cause. The Asthma Walk and Breath of Spring Gala have also benefited from his ability to get people involved in the Association's mission.

Dr. Rizzo has remains a committed volunteer who has provided the American Lung Association of Delaware with an invaluable amount of time and talent. Rizzo says "it has been a privilege and honor to serve a committed organization whose services help so many people."



2015 Will Ross Medal - Albert Rizzo. MD

On June 26, 2015, Albert A. Rizzo, MD was awarded the Will Ross Medal at the American Lung Association 2015 Awards Dinner in Chicago, IL.  Dr. Rizzo has selflessly, confidently and skillfully served the American Lung Association at the local, regional and national levels for over 30 years, extending his reach to legislators, professionals, patients and the public alike.

Remarkably, Dr. Rizzo elevates others with whom he works, always promoting the contributions of those on his work teams and committees, never calling attention to himself or his attributes.  He is a natural leader, not with loud commands but with a natural, gentle authority that inspires confidence and engenders the respect of those with whom he serves.

He has held many leadership positions at the national level, serving most recently as Chair of the National Board (2011-12) and now Senior Medical Advisor to the national office.

Of particular note, Dr. Rizzo has a clear and in-depth understanding of the American Lung Association’s history and current challenges.  These are not viewed by him as obstacles to success but seen as a roadmap with which he can help to guide our organization.

He oversaw the Organizational Effectiveness Assessment (OEA), a comprehensive initiative designed to transform the American Lung Association in terms of efficiencies and effectiveness.  The outcomes of OEA have, indeed, significantly impacted, rejuvenated and streamlined our organization.

Dr. Rizzo keeps us informed on best practices and cutting edge research within the pulmonary care industry.  His experience as a leader with a practice was invaluable as we strategically traveled the paths of consolidation and reorganization.

Compassion, professional expertise and dedication are three qualities that we seek in our personal physicians.  Compassion, professional expertise and dedication are three qualities that we seek in our leadership. The American Lung Association is fortunate to have found such qualities in abundance with Dr. Rizzo.