Asthma Programs

The American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic currently has numerous programs and activities for families with asthma. We have programs for individuals as well as for families and/or groups. Below is a list of programs and activities that we offer.

Asthma Awareness Day

This program offers adults and children the opportunity to improve control over their asthma. The one and one-half day program will allow participants to meet with physicians and other healthcare professionals. Groups will cover breathing relaxation techniques, asthma triggers and early warning signs, tips on remaining physically active and the benefits of a positive attitude.

Asthma Camps

Specialized camps for children who have asthma are offered annually. The goal of these day and overnight camping experiences is twofold: first, to provide a safe, healthy and enjoyable recreational camping experience, and second, to help children with asthma learn more about their condition, how to adjust to it and how to control it.

These camps help children with asthma gain confidence and knowledge in coping with their respiratory problems. Children can also participate in activities that include swimming, boating, hiking volleyball, arts & crafts, nature trails, fishing and team-building activities—just like other children.

Camp Superkids, Spacer Camp- Lewes, Camp Catch Your Breath, and Camp Dragonfly are all camps offered by the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic. Click here to view a current listing of our Asthma Camps.

Asthma Coalitions

The ALA of the Mid-Atlantic offers four Asthma Coalitions—one in each state—that work to improve the quality of life for individuals with asthma. Programs are created in partnership with schools, child care facilities, physicians, health insurers, community groups and state agencies in the effort to reach everyone with the most effective methods for managing their asthma.

We are proud to host the Delaware Asthma Consortium, Pediatric/Adult Asthma Coalition of New Jersey, Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership, and West Virginia Asthma Coalition.

Asthma Olympics

This athletic competition provides children with asthma an opportunity to have fun participating in track and field events, while learning about their asthma and how to better manage it. The 5-12 year old participants rotate through athletic events as well as educational stations to learn about peak flow meters and metered dose inhalers. Other information on lung health is available.

Asthma Olympics does not require a high level of athletic skill. All Olympians receive awards and recognition. Check our site for dates and locations of this year’s events.

Breathe Well, Live Well

Breathe Well, Live Well is designed to teach people the skills to reduce illness and disability due to asthma by improving asthma knowledge and self-management skills. The Breathe Well, Live Well program was proven to be effective when it was developed with funding from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and validated through nationwide testing. This adult asthma management program uses an interactive support group approach to success.

Open Airways

Open Airways is a program that focuses on children age eight to eleven with particular sensitivity to the needs of lower-literacy and multi-cultural children. The program consists of six, one-hour interactive sessions for children that are held during the school day but are separate from the actual classroom.