Freedom From Smoking Facilitator Recertification

Freedom From Smoking®  Facilitator Recertification

The Freedom From Smoking® certification is valid for three years. Facilitators are required to recertify every three years to ensure they have the most up to date program and tobacco cessation information. To recertify, facilitators must participate in the Freedom From Smoking® Recertification Webinar.

About the Freedom From Smoking® Recertification Webinar

What: 1 hour webinar to update facilitators on new information regarding tobacco cessation and the Freedom From Smoking® program.

When: Offered:

  1. May 28th, 12-1pm
  2. June 25th, 12-1pm
  3. Quarterly thereafter

Cost: $25

Who is eligible to recertify through the Freedom From Smoking® Recertification Webinar?

Facilitators who meet each of the following qualifications are eligible to recertify through the webinar: 

  1. Have implemented Freedom From Smoking® at least once within the past 24 months.
  2. Have implemented Freedom From Smoking® according to the American Lung Association's guidelines and structure.
  3. Have submitted Freedom From Smoking® post-clinic report forms to the American Lung Association. 
To apply to participate in the Freedom From Smoking® Recertification Webinar, click here