Smokeless LGBT DC

(May 11, 2011)

In the 1990s, RJ Reynolds made their opinion of the LGBT community clear when they introduced a marketing plan entitled “Sub Culture Urban Marketing” (SCUM) for homeless and LGBT individuals residing in San Francisco.  Smoking kills over 30,000 members of the LGBT community annually, far surpassing the number of individuals who die from AIDS, suicide, or hate crimes. Youth are particularly at risk; the smoking rate among LGBT youth is 68% higher than any other group, and this concerning trend is particularly noticeable among lesbian/bisexual adolescents, who are 9.7 times more likely to smoke than their heterosexual peers.

In response to the tobacco industry’s targeted attack of the LGBT community, the American Lung Association has joined the Mautner Project in renewing a smoking prevention campaign, Smokeless LGBT DC.  This coalition brings together a network ranging from individuals and small community groups to large, culturally sensitive medical institutions.  We provide cessation support in addition to advocating for the following:

  • Media: greater coverage of the targeting of LGBT and African American communities by tobacco companies;
  • Access: more stringent zoning restrictions and usage bans;
  • Point of Purchase: restriction on advertising that can take place in stores at the “point of purchase”; and 
  • Price: increased pricing by raising DC taxes on cigarettes and all tobacco products.

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