Lung Association Awards More Than $5 Million for Medical Research

(July 20, 2012)

At the American Lung Association, working to find better treatments and cures for lung diseases is a cornerstone of our mission. In 2012-2013 we are providing more than $5 million in funding for quality research to support our lifesaving mission.

“Our support of this research is an investment in a healthier future for Americans who are impacted by and at risk of lung disease,” explained Dr. Norman H. Edelman, American Lung Association Chief Medical Officer.

Awards and Grants

Through its Awards and Grants Program, the Lung Association will fund 68 grants, totaling $3 million. The Awards and Grants Program supports mainly trainees and junior investigators. This helps encourage them to make a long-term commitment to lung disease, helping to maintain an adequate supply of scientists dedicated to lung disease.

Studies currently being funded by this program include one explaining how environmental exposures such as diesel fuel, urban dust particles and cigarette smoke aggravates airway disease, and another validating a biomarker to determine who will respond/fail to lung cancer treatment.

ACRC Network

The Lung Association is granting $2.6 million in base support to the American Lung Association Asthma Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) Network, the nation's largest nonprofit clinical research center dedicated to asthma treatment research. The ACRC conducts large clinical trials that will have a direct impact on patient care and asthma treatment.

Studies currently being conducted by the network include determining the optimal strategy to reduce the level of asthma therapy, as well as, testing the novel idea that a proven therapy for obstructive sleep apnea can ameliorate asthma symptoms at night and improve asthma control.

The American Lung Association will release information on its entire 2012-2013 Research Portfolio this October through its Research Awards Nationwide publication.

Call for submissions

Applications for the 2013-2014 American Lung Association Awards and Grants Program are now being accepted. To learn more, visit The application deadline is November 8, 2012.