Fighting for Air – New Generation Introduced to the American Lung Association

(May 13, 2010)

Anyone too young to remember when tuberculosis was an American epidemic, when public places were choked with secondhand smoke, and most cities were shrouded in noxious smog, is probably too young to know that the American Lung Association fought to make all those things better.  But that's all about to change, as a national ad campaign rolls out to introduce a new generation to the American Lung Association and the fight for air.

The American Lung Association has launched its first nationwide public service advertising (PSA) brand campaign in more than a decade to raise awareness and engage people in the mission of the century-old public health charity. The campaign includes television, radio, print and more, which all emphasize the American Lung Association's new brand platform and tagline, "Fighting for Air."

"Our research found that although a high percentage of people were aware of the Lung Association, fewer people were familiar with the full-scope of our mission," explained Carrie Martin, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the American Lung Association. "This campaign seeks to raise awareness about our work in helping people suffering from lung disease, researching cures, keeping kids off tobacco, and fighting against air pollution."

"We believe that 'Fighting for Air' works on multiple levels to frame the Lung Association's life-saving work," said Charles D. Connor, CEO of the American Lung Association. "With these new ads we hope to reconnect with our long-time donors, and at the same time, introduce the Lung Association to a new generation of supporters."

The PSA campaign is being distributed to media outlets nationwide in May and June 2010. You can also see all of the ads online by visiting the Lung Association's multi-media library.

Want to join the fight for air?  Visit to learn more, test your knowledge, get connected and join the Lung Association in Fighting for Air.