Help Study the Psychology of Lung Cancer

(October 5, 2012)

What do people really think about lung cancer and people who have it? You can help us find out. The American Lung Association is helping to spread the word about a new research study developed by a team of scientists at Harvard, to better understand the social psychology of lung cancer.

This study is important because it will help us determine what bias exists towards lung cancer and how this bias may impact lung cancer treatment decisions. This knowledge can lead to more lung cancer patients getting the best possible care. Emerging research suggests that specific perceptions of lung cancer, such as stigma, blame and hopelessness, may play a role in treatment decisions.

You can help the lung cancer community learn more by taking the test at You will receive results at the end of the test that reveal your own perceptions of lung cancer. Your results will remain anonymous and will be part of a larger research study. This study will help determine if subconscious biases exist for lung cancer, and if so, to understand why people are biased, how those biases impact lung cancer care and to address misperceptions of lung cancer.

The American Lung Association is not conducting this study, but is helping to promote participation because of its potential benefit to lung cancer patients and those of us in the lung cancer community.