Healthy Air Call-in Day: Join the Fight for Clean Air on Sept. 20

(September 20, 2011)

Power plant cleanup standards will prevent more than 25,000 premature deaths, more than 120,000 asthma attacks and 11,000 heart attacks each year. However, legislation is pending in Congress to block this lifesaving cleanup of mercury and other toxic air pollutants as well as smog- and soot-forming pollution that blows across state lines required by the Clean Air Act.

Polluters have delayed cleaning up their act since Congress required the cleanup of toxic mercury in the 1990 Clean Air Act ammendments. Twenty-one years is too long to wait to protect infants and children from this potent neurotoxin that damages children’s ability to think and learn.

We must act now to ensure the success of new Environmental Protection Agency safeguards that will reduce toxic air pollution and pollution that blows across state lines.

How Can YOU Make a Difference?

On Tuesday, September 20, participate in our Healthy Air Call-in Day and join thousands of others from across the United States who care about the air we breathe. Call your Representative and two Senators in Washington and ask them to support clean and healthy air and to oppose weakening the Clean Air Act. Ask your family and friends to do it, too.

Who to call:

Call you Senators and Representative in Congress. Find your representatives and their phone numbers by clicking here.

When to call:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011. Our voice will have more impact if we all make ourselves heard on the same day! 

What to say:

Not sure what to say? We’ve prepared an easy-to-follow set of talking points to help you ask your elected officials to support the Clean Air Act—specifically rules to clean up air pollution from power plants—to protect the health of your family and neighbors.

Where to learn more:

Click here for all you need to make your voice heard!

Make an Impact via Social Media:

  • Send Tweets to your Representative and Senators asking them to support clean air.
  • Use hashtag #HealthyAirCallinDay on Twitter and ask your followers to participate.
  • Update your Facebook status linking to this article and telling your friends to join our fight for air.

Missed Our Healthy Air Call-in Day?
You can still help protect our air after September 20 by contacting your legislators in Washington and asking them to oppose the weakening of the Clean Air Act—and encouraging your friends and family members to do the same!