Fight for Air with Christmas Seals

(November 12, 2013)

2013 Christmas SealsThe holiday season is here, and for many, the season just wouldn’t be the same without American Lung Association Christmas Seals®. Some have called American Lung Association Christmas Seals® “the little sticker that could,” because of the big impact they have had on battling lung disease for more than 100 years. This holiday season, you can help Christmas Seals again deliver a message of health and hope across America.

Christmas Seals, holiday stickers used to decorate cards and packages, were first issued by the Lung Association in 1907 to combat tuberculosis. Today, the money raised through the Christmas Seals Campaign helps the Lung Association fight new battles against lung cancer, asthma, influenza, tobacco use, air pollution and more.

“We are continually thankful for the loyalty of our Christmas Seals supporters, many of whom have given year-after-year for decades,” says Harold P. Wimmer, National President and CEO of the American Lung Association. “We hope that this year, many more, particularly those who have been touched by lung disease, will join our fight for air through what is really a great American tradition – American Lung Association Christmas Seals.”

You can order  this year’s Seals online, and show your support of the Lung Association right away.  When you buy Christmas Seals online, or make a donation when you receive a Christmas Seals packet in the mail, you support our fight for air, across the country, and in your own community.

Each year, millions observe the tradition of sealing holiday cards and packages with that year’s special seal. And each year, your Christmas Seals® donation supports the important fight against lung disease being waged every day by the American Lung Association.

At you can see seals from the past, share a special seal on Facebook and support our lifesaving work.

To learn more about Christmas Seals® and how your donation can help fight for healthy lungs and healthy air, visit