Don’t Get Spooked by Asthma This Halloween

(September 15, 2010)

Halloween: The ghouls and goblins should scare you on Halloween, not your asthma.  Keep your child healthy by following these tips:

  • Frightful Fun. Hay rides, being scared in haunted houses and running through the neighborhood are part of Halloween fun, and can also trigger asthma. Make sure your child has their quick-relief medication with them at all times, and that they use it at the first sign of worsening symptoms.
  • Unmask. Costumes and masks may contain latex, a known asthma trigger. Read the label before purchasing. Not wearing a mask is best, or wear a half-mask to making breathing easier.
  • Minimize Makeup. The strong smell from makeup and hair dye could trigger asthma. Choose unscented, hypoallergenic products or skip them altogether.
  • Check the Candy. If your child has a food allergy that may trigger their asthma remove all the candy they may be allergic to.  Read the labels closely, fun-size pieces may contain different ingredients than the full-size version.

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