Celebrating Our Volunteers

(April 16, 2012)

It’s often said that the reason volunteers work for free is because their contributions to society are priceless! April 15 marks the beginning of National Volunteer Week, and The American Lung Association is joining not-for-profits around the country to say Thank You to our most precious asset – our volunteers! Without the generous – and truly priceless – efforts of our volunteers across the country, our fight for air would not be possible.

The American Lung Association is America’s oldest voluntary health organization. We were founded in 1904, when a group of physicians and concerned citizens decided to volunteer their time, efforts and resources to rid the country of its most feared illness – tuberculosis (TB). More than 100 years later, volunteers are still the lifeblood of our organization, which has expanded its mission beyond TB, to fight for healthy air and to find cures and ease suffering from all forms of lung disease.

This year’s theme for National Volunteer Week is “Celebrating People in Action,” and the American Lung Association certainly has a lot to celebrate. Volunteers further our life saving mission in many ways, nationally and across the country. Some serve on local leadership councils, plan or participate in fundraising events, while others engage in advocacy or community health education. The Lung Association is also privileged to have a national board of directors made up entirely of volunteers, who generously give their time to govern and guide our organization.

Each week, we recognize one of our outstanding volunteers. Check them out here. You might even recognize a friend or neighbor! Want to join them? You can learn more about our many volunteer opportunities here. If you’re short on time, you can make a donation, or become an e-Advocate by joining our American Lung Association Action Network, both are great  and easy ways to show your support of healthy lungs and healthy air.

Maya Angelou once said, “You shouldn't go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands.  You need to be able to throw something back.” As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, we want to thank all of our volunteers for keeping a hand free to give something back and make a real difference by supporting the American Lung Association.