Breathe Well, Live Well

American Lung Association Program Teaches Adults With Asthma Live-Saving Skills.

(April 9, 2010)

Many people with asthma may not realize how poorly controlled their condition is. They think it’s normal to get short of breath while climbing stairs, exercising, or working in the yard. They wake up coughing or wheezing in the middle of the night and feel too exhausted to work or have fun. Is this you? If so, the American Lung Association can help.

In 2008, more than 12 million Americans had an asthma attack. Of those, over 8 million were adults. This is a startling statistic knowing what we know today about asthma treatment and management. The American Lung Association’s Breathe Well, Live Well: An Asthma Management Program for Adults can teach you the live-saving skills you need to reduce your asthma symptoms and feel better.

Breathe Well, Live Well is a proven curriculum that uses a small group setting, and gives adults with asthma real hands-on skills, which could save their lives,” said Barbara Kaplan, Director of Asthma Programs at the American Lung Association. “We have a solid program to help them understand their disease and medications, so they can keep themselves healthy through self-management and improve their quality of life.”

Breathe Well, Live Well workshops are focused on reducing illness and disability due to asthma by improving asthma knowledge and self-management skills. Evaluations of the program have shown a decrease in severity of asthma symptoms and a decrease in the incidence of respiratory problems among participants.

A chronic disease, asthma has an economic impact particularly as it relates to the adult work force. Asthma accounted for an estimated 14.2 million lost work days in 2008, and $5 billion in lost productivity.

“Knowledge is power. And for people with asthma, that knowledge can help keep their asthma under control so that they may be less likely to find themselves in asthma emergencies,” said Kaplan.

Many asthma sufferers don’t realize that an asthma attack can be fatal. This may be because they have lived with asthma for all or most of their lives and believe that severe asthma symptoms are just part of their daily routine. But the more someone with asthma knows about the disease, about how their medicines work, the better they will be at managing their asthma.

Breathing well is living well. Learn how you can do both. Visit our Breathe Well, Live Well page and learn more about the program, how to find a local program or download the Breathe Well, Live Well information kit.

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